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Water is life. 

100% of your donation goes directly to the field. 

Our operating costs are covered separately. 

If you are interested in supporting our running costs to help us bring water to more people, click here.


Improving the world together

Donations bring life-changing water at every level. 

On average, here is what your donation can do.


Brings water to a single child for a year.


Brings water to a family for a year.


Installs a clean water well for an entire community.

Infinity water cycle.png


Funds an entire program with water, sanitation & Hygiene and transforms an entire community forever. 


What happens when you donate.


More ways to give.

Can't donate right now? There are many ways you can support Water Underground and get clean water to those who need it most. 


Donate Crypto

We accept cryptocurrency donations that can be converted to fiat immediately or put into a crypto growth fund held until 2024.


Learn more

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Donate Airline Miles

Traveling is an important part of our work. Donating airline miles massively helps us maximize our impact and opportunities.

Donate Miles

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Give Stock

We're able to accept donations in the form of stock that can be arranged from most brokerage accounts. 

Contact us to make a stock donation


Amazon Smile

Shop on Amazon?

Use Amazon Smile and add Water Underground as your designated charity and we receive a percentage!

Learn more

Give directly through a

Feel free to contact us if you need any support setting this up. 


Donate Crypto

Donate your crypto and Water Underground will convert it into fiat immediately where 100% will go directly towards clean water projects. 

We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and the value of holding. We are setting up a Crypto Fund that we will accumulate crypto over a 3 year period to allow for exponential growth and minimize the volatility. Please advise if you would like to have in converted immediately or left to HODL.

Choose which asset you would like to donate below

Give directly to avoid fees

Checks can be made payable to

Water Underground

3080 Arlotte Ave

Long Beach, CA 90808

Please include your email or a return address so we can send a tax receipt.

Your donations are entirely tax deductible

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We try to create the most inclusive
philanthropy experience possible. 

Here is what happens when you donate. Each project is different and timeframes below are an average in order to give you a rough idea. 

1-4 months

(Depending on collective fundraising. Fully funded projects start much sooner.)

2-3 Months

4 Months

Est 9 months after donation

100% of your donation goes to accounts dedicated to our fieldwork. Our running costs are covered separately. We earmark your donation for a specific project, so you will know exactly where your generosity has gone. We continue to pool donations until a complete community is funded.

Once your community project is fully funded, vulnerable communities are identified and Water Underground begins the survey process. Once a community is selected, you receive an email informing you that the project has started- including GPS, photos of the Chief, and where they are currently getting their water from. 

As the project progresses, we do our best so that you receive updates on the project with photos, including video when water first erupts from the well. 

Receive final drilling reports and a full online package about the community you helped transform. 

Reporting and Transparency

Transparency, accountability, and inclusivity are of the utmost importance to us, and proving your impact is a pillar of our work. Having said that, we ask you to please keep in mind that our internal staff is quite minimal (until we grow), and we do our absolute best to get you the reports as timely as possible.


Our fieldwork operates year-round with full-time staff, and rest assured that your donation will always go directly to the work in Mozambique. We are trying our best to increase our funding for internal staff to expand our reporting possibilities and make this experience even more personalized for you. If you would like to help fund our operating costs, learn about being a sustaining member of The Aquifer or click here to chat with us. 


If you ever have any concerns about where your donation goes or have not received your reports, please do not hesitate to email us. 

Our offices are in Los Angeles, California


If you prefer to send checks for donation, please send to 


Water Underground

3080 Arlotte Ave

Long Beach, CA 90808


$25,000 can bring an entire community clean water, access to sanitation and hygiene for every student in the school, a 27,000 sq ft garden, and new leadership that will transform their future forever. 


We commemorate your sponsorship with customized granite plaques, real-time personal video updates, opportunities to interact with the community members, and media content that forever connects you. Want to come into the field to see your project? We can talk about that as well. 

Reach out to us to make this experience as personal as possible. 

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