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water changes everything.

The drilling of a borehole and providing access to clean water is the absolute foundation of the project.


We try to use the moment they receive their new water source as a catalyst for sustainable development. 

Well Location

All wells are placed in the schools. This is a clean, safe, and reliable water source for the entire community to use.

Drilling method

Our wells are drilled using either large rotary or impact drilling rigs with one of Water Underground’s 4 sub-contracted companies so we are able to drill simultaneously to stay on schedule.


Our drilling in this area reaches depths of 30-140m and and we are able to drill through both sand and rock.

Due Diligence

We conduct Hydro-Geologic Surveys before drilling and always wait to drill until the Traditional Ceremonies in the community are completed as necessary. 

How we drill and case a borehole
Clean Water-119.jpg

The water well is placed in the local school because it is the central focal point for the entire community and allows immediate access for hundreds of school students and the surrounding community every day. This land is not privately owned, and there is a constant presence in the area so the well can be supervised.


The machines are brought in once the land is blessed by the spiritual leader. Drilling takes anywhere from 1 to 7 days depending on the altitude and depth of the aquifer, and we can drill through both sand and rock.


We typically drill between depths of 30 - 150m. Once we reach the aquifer, we drill an additional 15-30 meters to ensure water is plentiful year round. 


After we have reached a reliable depth, we conduct discharge tests to ensure there is enough water to replenish adequately. Water is tested for portability, and the well is fenced off from animals.

The division of Maintenance & Repair is involved in the whole process and trained over 4 months about all aspects of the well, including maintenance, repair, and where to source spare parts. The members eventually become fully trained technicians.

This will be the first clean, safe, and reliable water source this community has ever had.


Water is the foundation upon which the rest of our model builds. 

Clean Water-28.jpg


The moment that changes a community forever. 

Watch this short film that documents this incredible moment from 6 communities.

From this moment on, the community will never be the same. 

Methods of Water Extraction & Delivery

Different terrain calls for different solutions

The Afridev Manual Hand Pump

For wells up to 45 meters a manual hand pump called the Afridev is used. This is a fantastic pump because of its minimal moving parts, ease of maintenance, reliability, and cost-effective repair. Community members can be fully trained pump technicians. 

Clean Water-1.jpg
A Solar Powered System

For wells that are deeper than 50 meters, a different pump is required. A Solar-powered pump and gravity distribution system is our chosen solution that offers the most efficiency and sustainability.


We developed a unique system that uses solar power (but no batteries) to draw the water up and a gravity system to distribute. Upfront costs are about 20% more than the hand pump, but the benefits that are yielded are incomparable. 


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