The Aquifer is a group of Water Underground’s most generous and dedicated supporters. Although their support is largely financial, they promote Water Underground in their social and professional circles with great enthusiasm and passion. Aquifer members are vital teammates and a part of every thought, action, step, and leap. Aquifer Members gather at private events throughout the year to get exclusive updates from the field, screen films, unveil Water Underground art and jewelry releases and collaborate and discuss plans to scale our work.


The Aquifer is a 3-year membership program that supports all of the operational costs and behind-the-scenes finances that make Water Underground not only possible, but thrive. They allow the organization to enter the marketplace with vigor and effectiveness and to scale strategically. 





They have a vision of changing the world and know that an organization cannot operate and tackle their goals without effective investment in internal costs. They share the vision and see what Water Underground can become, not simply where we currently are.


They trust us with their financial contributions, empower us to hire talented individuals, provide the capacity to scale operations so we can really tackle this problem, and hold us accountable for running an efficient, effective organization. Because their dedicated support continues year after year, they, and Water Underground —as a team— actually have a shot at changing the world.

The Aquifer


Some of our most dedicated and generous donors who help cover Water Underground's running costs

We are proudly based in Los Angeles, California

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is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

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