The Well


a monthly giving program


is about being a global citizen and being a part of the world around us. It is about contributing to society and trying to make it a better place for those that need a little help. Individuals that donate make individual projects possible. Philanthropists who give monthly invest sustainable change that actually gives us a shot at solving this crisis. Because after all... THIS IS SOLVABLE.



knowing that every month - amidst your own dedication to work, family, passions and just plain ol' fun - that you are also helping to bring access to clean water to those who desperately need it most. That is indeed being a global citizen, and we salute you.



The Well

Join our monthly giving program called The Well.

Be a part of the solution and


invest in changing the world with water,  month after month.

The Well is a community of like-minded change-makers committed to ending the water crisis by giving whatever possible every month. I give because I want to invest in a better future and invest in the solution.  I give because I want to feel even closer to the change that is happening... I love the inside updates I get from the team on the ground!

Paul Payne, member of The Well

Your $40 Monthly donation

gives 32 people clean water per year

that's equal to 4 drinks at a bar per month...

So go ahead, buy a woman a drink...

Give a woman clean water in Mozambique!




The Inside Scoop


Because monthly giving is so important to sustainable change and allowing Water Underground do what it does best... we want to reward you by bringing you in on the action!


Running an International Humanitarian NGO (non-governmental organization) is some serious business. We'll send you real-time updates from the field giving you a glimpse into what goes on with this kind of work and how we navigate the waters to make these projects possible. 


Naturally, when working in areas that are uncomfortable and unpredictable, some classic things happen! Anything from staff getting too drunk at a ceremony because the Chief wouldn't stop giving them local whiskey (it has happened!) to our Director, Silvestre, breaking out in dance in the middle of building drip irrigation systems (this happened too, watch it here!).

We all love gifts!


We are lucky to partner with some great brands who pour their passions into creating some incredible products.


Depending on your monthly giving amounts, you'll receive some frequent surprises in the mail highlighting your commitment and celebrating your awesomeness! 

I am invested in the future.