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We are very excited and proud to announce that Water Underground has partnered with Coordinates Collection. We both admire the passion, craft, and dedication that goes into the work each of our organizations do— but the amazing team at Coordinates Collection also recognizes that every success that Water Underground has is made possible by its wonderful community of donors. They have partnered with Water Underground to donate a percentage of sales of some of their beautiful pieces to fund clean water projects, and have been generous to gift some of our most generous donors out of appreciation of their dedicated support.

Some of our donors are beyond normal. They are extraordinary and do much more than just give the financial support to bring water to those who need it most. We consider these donors as part of The Aquifer. The Aquifer is a group of Water Underground’s most generous and dedicated supporters. They are our ambassadors. Although their support is largely financial, they also promote Water Underground in their social and professional circles with great enthusiasm and passion. Aquifer members are vital teammates and a part of every thought, action, step, and leap we make. OUR AQUIFER MEMBERS ARE GENEROUS, YES—BUT THEY ARE ALSO VISIONARIES. They share our vision and see what Water Underground can become, not simply where we currently are.

We are so proud to be able to commemorate these donors partnership with Water Underground with customized pieces.

The people at Coordinates Collection are incredible. They have developed a range of premium jewelry that uses GPS coordinates to commemorate any special event by marking its location. They have really developed something unique and special and we encourage you check out more of what they do.

Please check them out at and be sure to use coupon code WATER so that proceeds can go to get people clean water!

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